Pub Iphone x

Realization of painting in movement for the presentation of iPhone x,
This work was realized in Lyon with an orangefilms and a creative Apple team 


« Galaxy gates » is our main pride.This is a 4 month job.

We have selected only the best of the best in the videos we filmed. Only 2% of all video clips were kept to create this immersive video editing..

First, paints are mixed, then they are “opened”, a specific process that we have worked out while on a trip in Japan.


“KINGDOM OF COLOURS” is a hypnotic meeting of every color existing along the spectrum.

Oilhack and Thomas Blanchard’s latest liquid fantasy, titled Kingdom of Colours, the abstract maestros visualize a new dream world, where phantasmagorphic streams of liquid pool one into the other.

The visual compositions have been created out of paint, oil and soap liquid.


“Emerald” is an experimental video that following a process that we have developed using paints, oil and soap.

All were filmed in 4K with a lens 100mm Macro from CANON

You will appreciate the small balls rolling under your eyes.

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