Is a collaboration between Oilhack and Thomas Blanchard, Two artists / painters combining their know-how and inspiration to create unique works. Their standards drive them forward each and every day to come out with innovative combinations and new techniques. Photography lovers expressing their feelings through soothing videos and luxurious impressions. Their art is an experimental dream making us gently vibrate with its circular movements.


Artechouse exibition

Kingdom of Colors is an immersive visual experience from French filmmaker Thomas Blanchard and artist Anton Oilhack, soundtracked by Léonardo Villiger. Immerse yourself into the world of dreamlike colorful liquids in motion showcased via our state-of-the-art 270 degree wall projections. Watch how this unique and innovative visual installation pushes the limits of engineering and creativity using the new possibilities afforded by advances in filmmaking and camera technology . Artechouse Washington D.C november 2017.

The Retail Party 2018


Each year in January, FrenchFounders and its partners gather from around the world +300 Retail Top Executives from Luxury, Fashion, Beauty, Food & Beverage industries.