is a collaboration between 

Oilhack & Thomas blanchard

Who are they?

WeAreColorful is a collaboration between Oilhack and Thomas Blanchard,

Two artists / painters combining their know-how and inspiration to create unique works.

 Their standards drive them forward each and every day to come out with innovative combinations and new techniques.

 Photography lovers expressing their  feelings through  soothing videos and luxurious impressions.

Their art is an experimental dream making us gently vibrate with its circular movements 

Anton Oilhack

Born in Lyon, FRANCE, 1985


Painter – Photographer – Projectionist 


Oilhack is  self-made artist. Inspired by nature since his childhood.

His creations are an alchemy of colors, materials, textures ; An alloy of energies which come to life on its support ; It’s the movement and assembling which will create diversity.

His work is the result of combinations of his artistic practices, seized at a precise moment, then captured, emphasized  enhanced by the photography.

His camera rapidly became his best ally and release, in a constant desire of new experiments to be shared. 

” By working with natural mediums for live realizations, immediate and short-lived as life is, it is  more or less like a hypnotic fluid mandala offering me an immense field of exploration which is just waiting to be taken. 

Art is for me a way to thank life, a sharing without limits, beyond the borders, Color is my weapon to continue exchanging freely. “

*A Mandala (circle) is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe.

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Born in Lyon, FRANCE, 1984


Art Director

Thomas Blanchard is a french artist videographer who love to explore themes and like mixing arts.

His works of art have been shown in many festivals and exhibitions over the world such as the biennale of contemporary art, Casablanca in 2016, Le Colysee Lambersart of Lille for Azuma Makoto 東信 and even at the Starz DENVER film festival 2014.

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